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OOZIE-2710  Oozie HCatalog example workflow fails
OOZIE-2694  Add logging for FsActionExecutor 
OOZIE-2693  SimpleHCatDependencyCache.removeMissingDependency can throw NPE
OOZIE-2692  Oozie job submit doesn't report error message to user if there is 
any issue with job conf
OOZIE-2691  Show workflow action retry count to UI
OOZIE-2690  OOZIE NPE while executing kill()
OOZIE-2684  Bad database schema error for WF_ACTIONS table
OOZIE-2674  Improve oozie commads documentation
OOZIE-2670  Upgrade Hbase to 1.2
OOZIE-2668  Status update and recovery problems when coord action and its 
children not in sync
OOZIE-2666  Support embedding Jetty into Oozie
OOZIE-2662  DB migration fails if DB is too big
OOZIE-2654  Zookeeper dependent services should not depend on Connectionstate 
to be valid before cleaning up
OOZIE-2652  Skip trash while deleting hive table partition
OOZIE-2650  Retry coord start on database exceptions
OOZIE-2644  Skip queuing Notification Commands when there's nothing to notify
OOZIE-2641  rerunning an oozie coordinator job stucks on waiting
OOZIE-2630  Oozie Coordinator EL Functions to get first day of the week/month
OOZIE-2619  Make  Hive action defaults to match hive defaults when running from 
command line
OOZIE-2618  Include hive-common in hive-beeline as compile component for 
hive-server2 (hive2 action)
OOZIE-2616  Add Tez profile for Hive and Pig sharelibs
OOZIE-2585  Disable or remove test case 
TestPartitionDependencyManagerEhcache.testMemoryUsageAndSpeedOverflowToDisk and 
OOZIE-2573  dataset url  which contains spaces can not be handled rightly
OOZIE-2568  SSH  action pretends to retry automaticly when it failed
OOZIE-2564  Create new log4j config for unit tests so that logged messages 
contain threads
OOZIE-2534  Versioned action libs (similar to how SharedLibs works)
OOZIE-2528  Print out environment variables in LauncherMapper
OOZIE-2518  Oozie is creating many files and directories in /tmp per day
OOZIE-2513  log.scan.duration should not be used for error and audit logs
OOZIE-2499  map-reduce launcher does not need distributed files, archives 
except  jar of input/outputformat class
OOZIE-2495  change action status from  ErrorType.NON_TRANSIENT to TRANSIENT 
when SSH action occurs AUTH_FAILED occasionally
OOZIE-2473  Connection pool for SMTP connection
OOZIE-2461  Workflow, Coordinator and Bundle job querying should have last 
modified filter
OOZIE-2458  ' sharelib create' should ensure uploaded jars are 
world readable
OOZIE-2457  Oozie log parsing regex consume more than 90% cpu
OOZIE-2427  With Kerberos enabled, the authentication failure for the 
javascript resources under /ext-2.2 
OOZIE-2396  oozie compile with hadoop 2.7.1 failed
OOZIE-2393  Allow table drop in hcat prepare
OOZIE-2364  Remove deprecated SLAEventBean and related code
OOZIE-2338  Invalid configuration defined reported for some valid configs
OOZIE-2306  Oozie health check
OOZIE-2259  Create a callback action 
OOZIE-2258  Introducing a new counter in the instrumentation log to distinguish 
between the reasons for launcher failure
OOZIE-2231  Upgrade curator to latest version 2.11.0
OOZIE-2225  Add wild card filter for gathering jobs
OOZIE-2203  Fix the login example
OOZIE-2196  Create Local Client for Bundle
OOZIE-2134  Remove references to Services.get().getConf() in code
OOZIE-2106  Make tomcat download url configurable in the pom file
OOZIE-2105  Make version of submodules configurable with parent version 
OOZIE-2060  Incorrect documentation of Java action config XML filename
OOZIE-2044  ssh action succeed with a not exists command which should be fail.
OOZIE-2041  Add an admin command to run the PurgeXCommand
OOZIE-2020  Rerun all Failed/killed/timedout coordinator actions rather than 
specifying action numbers
OOZIE-1986  Add FindBugs report to pre-commit build
OOZIE-1980  Sql error should not fail coord job
OOZIE-1936  Queuedump command should display queue information for all server.
OOZIE-1931  Admin command to print all locks held by server(s)
OOZIE-1927  Use StoreStatusFilter for WorkflowsJobGetJPAExecutor 
OOZIE-1918  ActionXCommand refactoring for code reuse
OOZIE-1860  Oozie job mapper launch fails due to null value returned from 
action file
OOZIE-1855  TestPriorityDelayQueue#testPoll failed intermittently in Jenkins
OOZIE-1854  Sharelib purging for HA
OOZIE-1816  LogInfo uses action name instead of id
OOZIE-1782  Workflow path not found is thrown as SC_UNAUTHORIZED
OOZIE-1779  Add parent-id as a filter option
OOZIE-1676  Instrumentation and Configuration over the REST API and Web UI 
should include all Oozie servers
OOZIE-1654  Fix typo (inteval to interval)
OOZIE-1638  Action retry does not respect default retry max count.
OOZIE-1636  OOZIE_SYS table engine should be innodb
OOZIE-1624  Exclusion pattern for sharelib.
OOZIE-1599  Cache the list of available timezones from the admin servlet
OOZIE-1579  Add basic HTTP auth to Oozie CLI
OOZIE-1376  Extending Oozie ACLs like admin groups and proxy users to support 
both groups and users
OOZIE-1369  OozieDBCLI code should not hardcode the Oozie table filenames
OOZIE-1232  GroupsService should be able to reference Hadoop configurations in 
Hadoop configuration folder (such as /etc/hadoop/conf)
OOZIE-807   Docs can be explicit about multiple sub-workflow definitions being 
OOZIE-547   build workflow progress information in Oozie

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