It seems that OpenJPA now runs fine with the latest Java9-EA!

There are only 2 little tests which fail. They have to do with proxying after 
The tests do assume that the Date, TimeStamp etc fields are still proxied after 
a serialisation roundtrip.
That works if the openjpa-kernel gets compiled with Java7 and 8, but not with 
Java9. In that case I don't get any proxies after the roundtrip.

Failed tests:
 Expected sqlDate endsWith($proxy) to return true
 Expected sqlDate endsWith($proxy) to return true

Note that those tests are in openjpa-persistence-jdbc but it doesn't matter if 
I build openjpa-persistence-jdbc with Java7 or 9. It only blows up if I compile 
openjpa-kernel with Java9. Even if I run openjpa-persistence-jdbc.
Any ideas?

txs and LieGrue,

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