Hello Max,

could you please check openmeetings.log and see if is there any ERROR stack
According lots of connections, how many users do you have online?
"Clients" displayed on Admin->Connection are being stored in the memory
(unless you have configured cluster) so I'm afraid it is impossible to
clean it up using script :( I'll check "Unenroll" functionality

Am I understand you correctly 3.1.2 was very performant right after
installing then it slow down? What is the up time? Maybe it is possible to
restart it and check if it will work better? What DB are you using?

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> From: Max Mustermann <max.mustermann...@gmail.com>
> Date: 2016-09-22 11:47 GMT+02:00
> Subject: OpenMeetings 3.1.2 - Performance-Problems / sticky
> User-Session-Contexts
> To: dev-i...@openmeetings.apache.org
> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> we have now installed OpenMeetings in Version 3.1.2 after
> performance-problems in
> OpenMeetings Version 3.0.7;
> After freshly setting up 3.1.2 we had a huge performance-boost compared to
> 3.0.7.
> What we encounter now is an interesting thing:
>    * we cannot delete users (which is not a big problem so far)
>    * if we check the administration-menu for Administration -> Connections
>       * there are multiple connections listed - it seems to be a huge list
> of logged in and never logged out users (even from the same user in
> different session-contexts) - we cannot logout any user from this view - if
> we click on logout the html-message-box pops up we click okay for executing
> the logout of the user but finally there is no effect after a short
> loading-period - in addition we cannot log out any more with the users - we
> faced this problem about one week ago on a 2 months-so-running
> OpenMeetings-system with the version 3.1.2.
> - Is there any possibility to delete the sessions by a database-script?
> How would it be realized then? - which tables would be involved in such
> case?
> What we also face is a long freezing of the screen for all users if any
> person adjusts the solution of the webcam - sometimes one or many users are
> kicked out of the room then, especially if the participants communicating
> are located far away from each other.
> In addition the server-log - red5.log - does not show any suspicious
> output.
> System Information:
>    * OpenMeetings Version 3.1.2
>    * OS: unix freebst 10.2
>    * Ran the OM high performance script
> Do you have an idea what we could do (look through log-files etc.) / are
> there known bugs in the system or workarounds for this that you can share
> with us?
> We also have full access to the server and the database and could run any
> database scripts or tryout any tip you're telling us about.
> We just want to configure a stable system for communicating realized in
> OpenMeetings.
> Any help is highly appreciated, thank you very much.

Maxim aka solomax

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