You certainly have seen from the 0^0 discussion that I have raised the problem 
of the backward compatibility with 4.0 and extensions. In fact, it affects only 
the extensions with a custom toolbar. But except the dictionaries, I guess that 
it makes a good deal of them still.

The problem has been raised by Bernard Marcelly here:
But as said by Ariel, this is not an API change (so shouldn't the discussion on 
the API list be dropped and discussed here instead?):

Rob has opened a wiki page related but without this topic (as for now):

Basically (my understanding, don't hesitate to correct me):
- For a [minor] issue in the file structure, all the current extensions with a 
toolbar MUST be updated
- Updated and new extensions won't be compatible with former versions of AOO/OOo
For all the details, refer to the link given above.

- Users upgrading to 4.x will lose such extensions (certainly with no warning 
since very few users read the release notes)
- Both versions of each extension will have to be maintained as long as pre-4.0 
versions are still in use

So, are all the committers aware of this change and do they all agree about 
such a major change?

I know that there is a topic on the API list (link given above) but I'm not 
sure it has the same audience as the dev list (number of subscribers I mean). 
Since this is a major change, I think it deserves a discussion on the dev 
mailing list.
I know that if this change is implemented, the forums will be quickly flooded 
with users disappointed to have lost their extensions. So this is the topic I 
will point to in order to explain the dev community rationale about that.

I know that code change is sometimes required. But can we take into account the 
end-user impact here? There may be some transition solution with a deprecated 
method that would be still valid for some time (let's say until version 5.x for 
example) with a massive communication to all the accounts having uploaded an 


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