Could you please tell me how to get started with Open Office development?

I began by following this guide :
, but after building the source and installing the program when I reached
the first tutorial ( https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Tutorial_Start ) it
failed(I'm pretty sure i followed all the steps but ctrl+T just doesnt work
like its supposed to) .
The page does seem to be outdated to me (considering some folder name and
syntax of files do not match with the guide, though i may be wrong), I was
wondering if there was a better source to learn from.

I'm reasonably comfortable with c/c++ , and am pretty active in competitive
programming, but developments new for me , so any help is appreciated.
Also, if possible could you direct me to modules using c/c++ specifically?
Im open to learning new languages, but to start with I would prefer working
in a familiar environment.

Thank You

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