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    Thanks, Andrea.  I appreciate you sharing this with the OpenOffice
    dev list.  As it turns out, LF is taking care of creating the
    speaker templates.

I dont hope it will be mandatory to use the LF templates, but merely a recommendation.

No, we've never made it a requirement to use a particular template. Creativity is a good thing. Having a standard template saves some folks some work, to be sure. However, lots of folks use other tools to write their presentations, and can't use the template anyway.


jan I.

    Have a great rest of your weekend!!


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    I'm forwarding the request below to the OpenOffice dev list. It
    would be
    nice to have a slides template for the coming ApacheCon in Denver
    (deadline for template: February 14).

    For ApacheCon 2012 and 2013 templates were created by volunteeers on
    this (OpenOffice dev) list and are available at

    Any volunteers?


    On 05/02/2014 Melissa Warnkin wrote:
    > Good morning!!
    > We are in need of volunteers to create the speaker slide
    template for
    > ApacheCon!! We will need a cover slide and a content slide.
    > The deadline is Friday, February 14th.
    > Thank you so much for your help!!
    > ~Melissa

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