On 11/06/15 18:23, jan i wrote:
> On 8 June 2015 at 16:58, Regina Henschel <rb.hensc...@t-online.de> wrote:
>> Hi Jürgen,
>> is it OK to commit the patch?
> if it not ok to commit the patch, then I wonder how the files was committed
> in the first place.
> If it is not ok, then the files should be deleted. We cannot have files in
> trunk without the proper
> ALv2 license.
> Furthermore we cannot make a release with these files.
> I recommend applying the patch. Deleting the files might have sideeffects.

No it have no sideeffect and yes it is ok to apply the patch. As I
explained before these files are part of the started but currently
stopped new OOXML framework. It's part of the parser generator ...

Anyway it is a eclipse project in Java and the license headers were
simply forgotten in the first shot. If you want a Java tooling that
would have created C++ stubs and parser for doing the ground work for
OOXML parsing ...

Again these files should not be part of y source release and can be
filtered out as some other things as well.

Applying the patch and adding the license header is even better and more
clean for future purpose.


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