More information about the Plugfest for some who might not have noticed earlier.

I have edited this lightly to reflect the current status in my case.

- Dennis

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Roberto mentions the forthcoming ODF Plugfest to be held September 15-16 at the 


Information about the Plugfest is on this Wiki page: 

To see how these have operated, it is useful to look at the programs of prior 
plugfests starting with the two in 2009 (although some of the historical 
material seems to consist of placeholders). 

I have not been to any of these except vicariously as a member of the OASIS ODF 
Interoperability and Conformance (OIC) Technical Committee and as a participant 
in some of the planning.

I see three matters that are useful to be present for.  Anyone could attend to 
participate as a contributor to Apache OpenOffice in those events: 

 1. The presentations on ODF adoption and also on developments of the ODF 
 2. The subsequent presentations on implementation efforts, where 8 are listed 
so far, including Apache OpenOffice.
 3. The Interop testing that occupies the remainder of the first day and all of 
the second day.  For this, it is desirable to show up with demonstration and 
test documents to interchanges and then inspect implementations.  This activity 
tends to be conducted in confidence, regrettably.  There is a sample scenario 
template to use in presenting tests.


For AOO, it would be good to have some simple presentation of status for (2) 
and to have some contributions (3) of tests or exemplary documents for which 
interoperability is a concern.

Roberto has been on the calls for organization of the Plugtest and it is 
valuable that he is doing so.  His keeping us apprised of what AOO might do to 
contribute and to participate will be very helpful.

I think if we create a portfolio of tests and a few slides on the status of AOO 
by mid-September, anyone could be present as an AOO participant.

The Plugfests are obviously more amenable to participation by ODF experts and 
implementers that are based in Europe and we have able members of the AOO 
community there.


I have always wanted to go to a Plugfest and never managed to arrange it.  I 
think we have many able spokespersons.  

I do not have the means to travel to The Netherlands for this event.  I am 
willing to go, although it would be valuable to at least have someone more 
technically involved around interoperability testing.  I don't think it is 
necessary to have someone be an official of some form, whether PMC member or a 

[Note: I learned that, in addition to not having the means, I have a conflict. ]

Here at dev@ we can work up a status report that anyone could deliver and also 
development of any contributions to the interoperability testing that would be 
useful for cross-implementation demonstration/confirmation in those sessions.

I am happy to cooperate in any way I can in the development of such materials.  
I trust Roberto will continue to participate on the calls (since they tend to 
be at 6am in my local time).

[Note: That was in July.  This is September already and my ability to assist 
here is severely limited, although I will do what I can.]

 - Dennis

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