Dolores Zurdo Consuegra wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm Dolores Zurdo. I live in Austria (and I'm spanish). I would like to
> collaborate with AOO, because i want to learn about software testing.
> I have created a Bugzilla account, mu User name is: DoloresZurdo, and the
> mail:
> Thank you.
> Dolores.

Your Your subject implies that you have created an account on our
Confluence Wiki(CWiki) that you want white-listed, but you provide
information for a bugzilla account. I tried to to white-list the user
name DoloresZurdo for Cwiki, but that user name does not exist.

If you want a Cwiki account you need to go to the following link and
create the account, then send another message to this list with the
account name to have it white-listed.

Since you are not subscribed to this list I have cc'd your e-mail
address as a courtesy. Please reply ONLY to the mailing list and not my
e-mail address.

Keith N. McKenna

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