Hmm ... the discussion sounds a bit like Brexit ...

With the important difference that it is now evident that Brexit
didn't have a plan.

Having a retirement plan is important for our users and for the ASF
and while I think the discussion is sane and important I think we should focus now on the next release. It is clear to me that
even if AOO were to be retired, we still have to push out a
new release mainly because we do have stuff that should see
the light of a release.

For the release we are certainly seeing some deficiencies:

- Can we responsibly deliver AOO 4.2.0 for the Mac? If the base/java
issue is as serious as it sounds and since we don't have much developer
feedback or even a buildbot, we may have to release 4.2.0 with a Mac

After the release there are certainly much more things to discuss.


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