On  4 Oct, Don Lewis wrote:
> On  4 Oct, Matthias Seidel wrote:
>> Am 04.10.2017 um 18:27 schrieb Keith N. McKenna:
>>> On 10/4/2017 11:49 AM, Matthias Seidel wrote:
>>>> Am 04.10.2017 um 17:42 schrieb Keith N. McKenna:
>>>>> On 9/30/2017 8:42 AM, Don Lewis wrote:
>>>>>> On 29 Sep, Matthias Seidel wrote:
>>>>>>> That might explain why I have never seen a working WikiPublisher in the
>>>>>>> last releases.
>>>>>>> (Since at least 4.1.2 we build with that option on Windows)
>>>>>>> The question is: Do we need to build with that option if no one missed
>>>>>>> the plugin?
>>>>>> I've never tried to use it, so I don't know if it works or not.
>>>>> Currently in version 4.1.3 the send to MediaWiki option does not work.
>>>>> My SWAG is that the Sun Wiki Publisher Extension was never updated to
>>>>> work with the API changes introduced with the 4.0.0 Release.
>>>> Confirmed (also for 4.1.4 RC4)
>>>> However it can still be installed as an extension:
>>>> https://extensions.openoffice.org/en/project/sun-wiki-publisher
>>>> Last time I tried it the "send to" option was there, but I never tested
>>>> further...
>>>> Matthias
>>> Mathias;
>>> It is the extension that I tested and it does not work. There were API
>>> changes introduced in AOO Version 4.0.0 that were most likely never
>>> updated in the extension. It is the extension that adds to MediaWiki
>>> into File/Send.
>>> Regards
>>> Keith
>> OK, I misunderstood.
>> My hope was that at least this old extension would work, since building
>> with --enable-wiki-publisher (tried also the additional
>> --with-servlet-api-jar) does not have any effect on a build.
>> We build releases with that option, so normally there should be no need
>> to install this (old) extension.
> The --enable-wiki-publisher should cause the .oxt file for the extension
> to be built.  On FreeBSD that ends up getting packaged along with
> everything else and gets installed along with the rest.  By default, if
> you want to use it, you have to go into Extension Manager and dig around
> in the installed tree to find the .oxt file and add it.
> I haven't tried building this extension on either Linux or Windows, so I
> don't know if/how it gets packaged.

I rebuilt trunk on Windows with --enable-wiki-publisher.  The first
problem is that the extension does not appear to get packaged.  If you
have the Windows build tree handy, then you can find the extension here:
I went into the extension manager and told it to add this extension. The
extension manager appears to successfully add the extension, and when I
look at the File->Send submenu, I see an entry for "To MediaWiki..."
menu entry, but it is grayed out and can't be selected.  I don't know
how to debug this.

Can someone with a Linux or Mac build tree try this experiment?  A 4.1.4
build tree should be fine as long as you configured with

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