On Wednesday 16 February 2005 11:25, "Dr. Iglói Gábor" wrote:
> - will this technique be available with the OO.o 2.0? (if yes and with a
> working Impress 2.0 native video playback the problem would be solved
> and Impress would be ready for widespread professional use)

I have tried all the dev releases of the upcoming OO 2.0 under Linux. Last I 
have had in use is the 1.9.77 release. In none of these the native insertion 
of video file in any format that I have tried (raw, avi, xvid, divx, mpg 
mpeg4) has worked. It simply can't play any of the formats I throw at it. 
There seems to be no configuration option. Does anybody have an idea how to 
get this going?

I have to completely agree with the initial poster. The support of video files 
is absolutely essential for a presentation in the scientific community. I 
usually work around the ppt file problem, by simply bringing my own laptop 


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