Hi Juergen,

the media playback implementation depends on an installed media backend
on your system.

On Windows, this is quite easy, since there's a backend
installed on every system through the default Windows Media Player
stuff. Actually, we use the DirectShow SDK, which is available on "every" Windows system.

On Unix systems, there's no such default backend available. One uses
Xine, the other uses MPlayer and so on. Best thing would be to write
support components for every media backend. Since this was not possible
for OOo 2.0, we concentrated on one backend in the first run: The Java
Media framework (JMF). This needs to be installed on your system in order to get media support on Linux at the moment. Please take a look
at the JMF site to find more information about JMF and the supported formats:


After this initial installation step, you need to tell OOo where your JMF installation is located. So, you have to set the appropriate
classpath to your jmf.jar file via "Tools => Options => OpenOffice => Java => ClassPath...".

It is planned to have more backends supported in the future.


Juergen Helmers wrote:
On Wednesday 16 February 2005 11:25, "Dr. Iglói Gábor" wrote:

- will this technique be available with the OO.o 2.0? (if yes and with a
working Impress 2.0 native video playback the problem would be solved
and Impress would be ready for widespread professional use)

I have tried all the dev releases of the upcoming OO 2.0 under Linux. Last I have had in use is the 1.9.77 release. In none of these the native insertion of video file in any format that I have tried (raw, avi, xvid, divx, mpg mpeg4) has worked. It simply can't play any of the formats I throw at it. There seems to be no configuration option. Does anybody have an idea how to get this going?

I have to completely agree with the initial poster. The support of video files is absolutely essential for a presentation in the scientific community. I usually work around the ppt file problem, by simply bringing my own laptop along...


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