Last Monday our local NGO (Lakbay Tao Dev., Inc.) in
Ozamiz City, Philippines started a community-based
computer literacy project for out-of-school-youth in
Barangay San Antonio using Open Office as our medium
for office applications. However the design of the
project was only for OfficeWrite functions due to
limited financial availability. But on the other hand,
we aim to reach out 45 out-of-school-youth
beneficiaries for the duration of three months. 

Our NGO banner the open source advocacy in our
locality, and in fact this coming August we will be
holding a Symposium in one of the colleges within the
city. In view of this, I would to inquire if anyone
here can provide an instruction manual for all the
functionalities of the Open Office. Your help is truly
appreciated. Thank you!!!


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