On 12/14/09 16:21, Frank Schoenheit, Sun Microsystems Germany wrote:
I just embarked on a new project, namely to clean up and consolidate the various test frameworks and corresponding tests available in the OOo build environment.

That#s highly appreciated!

- The so-called "UNO-API" and "Complex" tests. These are located in */qa/unoapi and */qa/complex, use OOoRunner from qadevOOo, and can be executed via cwscheckapi or checkapi.

Not sure whether you mix things here, or whether I am simply not
up-to-date: To my knowledge, the complex test cases in */qa/complex are
not (read: cannot be) executed by (cws)checkapi. At least in all modules
I now, they're accompanied by some makefile which allows to invoke them
via "dmake run" or some such.

You are right. As Steffen already wrote, he is currently (and somewhat independently) looking into treating the complex tests more like the unoapi tests, so I took the liberty of discussing those two kinds of tests here as if they were more or less the same sort of thing.

I know that this picture is not perfectly realistic, and that there will be obstacles along the way that require pragmatic workarounds. Still, I think it is important to know what the ideal should look like, even if you have to deviate from it.

Agreed. I'd already be very happy if only some parts of this could be

For the records, since you didn't mention it explicitly, though I think
it's on your list: (Un)Reliability of the tests is another major blocker
for their acceptance currently. Of course, in places where this is due
to the concrete test, not due to the test framework, this is to be
solved one by one only. But we shouldn't forget this important goal: If
tests do not run reliably, then the best test framework of the world
won't get us anywhere.

Yes, thanks for mentioning it here. Unreliable tests are a waste of time (as are unreliable test frameworks). We have to get rid of them (by fixing them or by dumping them). Its on the list.


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