Suggesting a correct and unified names to editors before their upload is
just fine. 
But if you already have access to a selected name from an editor then
probably you have access to the selected
tags as well. So, the name in conjunction with the tags, as Serge suggested,
could be used for serious logical 
control and warnings to editors before they proceed with their edits.
For example, there is a large number of lake-objects having in their names
(something)river, or (something)rio, or (something)reka and so on. 
Either these names are wrong or (most probably) the object-class tagging is
wrong. Or, even more examples and logical dilemmas 
with road section names. To call a road section for (something)tunnel, or
(something)bridge, or (something)viaduct and the like is probably a logical 
error too. After all tunnels, bridges ... are by construction fundamentally
different objects compared to roads. The fact that the road A7 or E18 ... is

running through a tunnel, over a bridge ... is, of course, something else. 
In my opinion, to issue a warning to editors about these kind of potential
errors could radically increase the OSM data quality.
But, this is just my opinion and it could be wrong.
Regars, Sandor. 

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