No one has replied, likely because it's not a really a dev@ subject, so I'll provide some basic info.

On 9/13/2016 2:34 AM, Riaan Grobler wrote:

*Problem* : We are experiencing more and more road that do not have updated road speed, see below as an example attached

Road speed coverage will vary road class and region, and also if a mapper in the region really cares about mapping all the maxspeed data. I wouldn't expect it to be complete.

The other problem is that once a update runs it over writes all the users information.

That sounds like a technical problem with the process you're using to update. In general you want a process which will allow you to update your data without manual intervention.

From the information here it sounds like you're making what's called a "derivative database" in the license, in which case it is licensed under the ODbL like OSM data is and you have to be able to provide that database to others.

*Resolution* : I know you can make the changes on the site but I know you it needs to be validates first and this takes time.

Is there a way to speed up the process if we supply you with all the details with pictures.

There isn't a validation step between a user making changes and the data being available to everyone. OpenStreetMap is crowd-sourced project built around individuals mapping areas they know. Nor is permission required to map except in exceptional cases like imports and mechanical edits.

If you have noticed a problem with our map data, for example a road is missing or your address, the best way to proceed is to join the OpenStreetMap community and add or repair the data yourself.

The pictures aren't necessary for OpenStreetMap itself, but would be useful to both the OpenStreetView and Mapillary projects, both of which collect geotagged road photos.

Is the above files the correct places to get the most up to date maps for South Africa ?

The Geofabrik data extracts are provided as a service to the community by Geofabrik, a consulting and software firm specializing in OpenStreetMap. Their extracts are operated daily. It's possible to get more frequent updates directly from, but significantly more work is required if you only want South Africa.
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