Bryan Housel wrote
>> I am not quite sure why the nominatim service does not work. It also
>> appears
>> that the taginfo service does not work either. Those fields which are
>> supposed to get their values from taginfo also remain empty. I assume
>> that
>> is has something to do with the test instance running on localhost. Or is
>> there additional configuration work required for those services?
> It should just work - I run iD on localhost all the time.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well unfortunately you are right. I uploaded everything to my life server
and nominatim and taginfo services still refuse to work. No error messages.

Maybe its because the local site is http and the OSM links are https? I
experienced some such problems since OSM changed to https.

Bryan Housel wrote
>> 3. Custom icons
>> I have already successfully changed the whole map CSS setup to mimick the
>> map design of my site. The only thing that remains is to exchange the
>> maki
>> icons for my own POI icons. At the moment I am at a loss on how to do
>> that.
>> All icon handling is geared toward SVG and the maki library.
>> How can I get my own .PNG icons into the presets? Any hints?
> Ah, sorry - iD only supports SVG for the preset icons.  There are just a
> lot of benefits to doing it that way.

Well, I understand the theoretical benefits of vector graphics. But as it
happens my icons are only available as bitmaps :-) And the whole idea of the
work is to make the items in the editor immediately recognizable so you
don't have to learn a different look of everything in the editor.

Well, I noted that ID actually uses quite a number of .PNG icons for the
cursors and the patterns. So the library definitely supports it. I just
couldn't figure out how to modify the code to use .PNG icons instead of SVG
graphics as I am completely unfamiliar with the technology. Can you maybe
point me to a suitable tutorial?

thanks, Nop

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