This is to notify you that CartoCSS 1.0.0 has just been released.

Major Changes (selection)

* Documentation is now available on

* Warnings are emitted if properties are used that are deprecated,
unstable or experimental.

* Warnings are emitted if a layer has no associated styles or styles do
not match a corresponding layer selector.

* carto is now able to output a JSON variant of Mapnik XML.

* Expressions are allowed in filters e.g. [height] % 50 = 0 or [height]
+ 10 = 0, fields have to be properly written within brackets

* carto now accepts custom references for validating rules

* The JavaScript API has been documented

* New symbolizer rules (work on the whole symbolizer) enable control of
symbolizer serialization. Write e.g. line: none to suppress output of
the line symbolizer for this definition. Write e.g. marker: auto to
output a markers symbolizer with default values

Breaking Changes (selection)

* The deprecated name attribute for layers is no longer supported. Use
id instead.

* The deprecated color functions husl and husla are no longer supported.
Use hsluv and hsluva instead.

* If you define a variable with the same name twice the latest defined
value is now used in contrast to the first defined one as before.

* All parameters of XML tags are now ouput in alphabetical order. If you
somehow depend on the order of parameters (e.g. for tests) expect them
to change.

For more detailed information please see the changelog:


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