Thank you for your reply sir,

Perhaps the feature could be implemented into a current application which 
displays OSM map. Or maybe a separated app altogether which lets user to access 
the map and use the feature?

    On Sunday, March 11, 2018, 3:34:10 PM GMT+6, Simon Poole <> 
Hi Nafiz
Where you thinking of a specific app? There is no "Android version of OSM" as 
such, just a number of applications for different purposes (routing, map 
display, editing). 
 Am 10.03.2018 um 21:18 schrieb nafiz Chowdhury:
    Dear sir, I have a project suggestion for Google Summer of Code. This is 
more of an utility feature for phone users of OSM. Could a location reminder 
feature be added to the Android version of OSM where a user can set a location 
for a task so that whenever the user is in that region, they will be given a 
notification. Can this be considered as a valid project? If so, what libraries 
would I have to look into to implement something like this.  Thanks.  
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