AFAIK, in the osm-carto style there is no generalization on live data for
performance reasons (because of continuous data updates via minutely
diffs). There are some precomputed / extracted data files though, some of
which contain generalized (simplified) data. These are all "external"

   1. world_bnd_m.shp, places.shp, world_boundaries_m.shp
   2. simplified_land_polygons.shp
   (updated daily)
   3. ne_110m_admin_0_boundary_lines_land.shp
   4. land_polygons.shp
   (updated daily)
   5. icesheet_polygons.shp
   6. icesheet_outlines.shp

still AFAIK, 1 and 3 are currently still from natural earth data, the rest
is from OSM, 2 is a simplfied version of 4, both come from (Christoph and Jochen). Of these, 1-3 are containing
generalized data.

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