On 05/16/18 14:43, Julien Fastré wrote:
> We had a strange issue with a europe diff update from geofabrik: the
> diff file is not a valid xml.

And that's entirely my fault for using "sed" to modify a couple of .osc
files around the beginning of May. Sorry for that! It was after we got
rid of uid/user fields in .osc files, and it turned out that some people
has issues with the reduced files, so we decided to put dummy uid/user
fields back in, and for the old files I quickly did that with a too
broad search-and-replace command ;)

Fixed the file now (and another one in the "georgia-updates" dir).

> I wonder if we were the only one affected and, if not, how did you cope
> to pass this diff without error ?

Since the bug was introduced a day or two after the diff was published,
it is possible that other consumers of the diff who loaded it
immediately didn't run into the issue.

Sorry for that - I'm sure it took you some time to figure out what was


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