Am 26.09.2018 um 17:35 schrieb Mateusz Konieczny:
> 24. Sep 2018 17:57 by frede...@remote.org <mailto:frede...@remote.org>:
>> Do we need a full array of permissions - "can change user name", "can
>> edit own user page", "can write personal messages", etc. - and the
>> ability to short-time suspend any and all of them?
> How complicated would be implementing it? I can imagine situation where 
> otherwise
> unproblematic editor changes his username 20 times a day and blocking this
> resolves the problem - but how much effort is needed to implement this 
> compared
> to say three groups "nuke user" (for spam and troll-only accounts), "block 
> all", 
> "block mapping"?

If a user changes his username too frequently, I wonder if he has the
maturity required to edit OpenStreetMap in a productive way. Changing
the username frequently makes following the changes and analysing the
edits more difficult than necessary. Some drafts of the Organised
Editing Policy forbid frequent changes of usernames for a very good
reason (i.e. violating this rule might end in a ban).

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