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> Hi, will this mean that the coastline will eventually no longer need to 
> follow a particular direction?

No, the coastline still has to follow a particular direction.

Many map styles (e.g. OSM Carto) do not load OSM coastline ways directly
from their rendering database but use land or sea polygons and coastline
linestrings from openstreetmapdata.com as shape files.

openstreetmapdata.com uses the OSMCoastline tool to convert the
coastline ways from OSM to land polygons, sea polygons and a curated set
of coastlines as linestrings. In order to be able to convert the
linestrings into polygons, it is required to know which side of a way is
land and which is sea because we don't map continents or oceans as

Please note that we do not map for a specific map style only.

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