I'm just at the start of a project creating an API to visualize the
geodata for open data portals. My goal is to get an automated
interactive map with useful information for any specific dataset.

As i'm just starting with that, my question is where i get a reliable
(somewhat accurate and available on lifetime) and up-to-date (updated at
least weekly) map from.

With OSM i have different ways to use and develop the map.

My API is gonna be written in Python, probably with Folium using
Leaflet.js. I'm considering OpenLayers as an alternative though.
Regarding my points that the map i import in my application should be
        a. available on lifetime
        b. updated frequently

i have a question:

Should i download the map data (planet or regional extracts) in the form
of XML formatted .osm files? Updating them with the live data shouldn't
be the problem i guess. Or should i embed the existing map into my
application? What should be easier to deal with in Python?

Thank you!
Tobias Stratmann

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