On Wed, Oct 02, 2019 at 09:30:26PM +0200, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
> On 10/2/19 20:36, yves wrote:
> > What would be a cheap way to find ways that once were highway=* and are
> > now a piste:type=nordic but no more a highway=* ?
> Define "cheap" ;)
> I usually tackle issue like this with a contraption of history file,
> osmium, and a script in a programming language of choice (for easy cases
> even shell script works).
> The first step is to have osmium convert the history file into "OPL"
> format which gives you one ascii text line for every version of an
> object, neatly sorted by type, ID, and version:

If I may add to that: I would first filter the history file for
the intersting data (i.e. ways with piste:type=nordic) with 'osmium tags-filter'
before doing anything else. The resulting file should be much more


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