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Am 08.11.19 um 17:04 schrieb Bart Smienk:
> I've found out my OSM Tile Server has stopped updating and osm2pgsql
> (v1.2) gives off the following error:
> DB writer thread failed due to ERROR: result COPY_END for
> planet_osm_line failed: ERROR:  invalid input syntax for integer: "-"
> CONTEXT:  COPY planet_osm_line, line 1437, column layer: "-"
> Looking through its changefile, the following entry can be found:
>     <way id="742619958" version="1" timestamp="2019-11-06T15:32:03Z"
> uid="978786" user="padvinder" changeset="76711047">
>       <nd ref="6952022619"/>
>       <nd ref="6952022612"/>
>       <tag k="layer" v="-"/>
>       <tag k="tunnel" v="culvert"/>
>       <tag k="waterway" v="drain"/>
>     </way>
> This seems to be malformed, as the layer should've never been "-", as
> this is not a valid integer.

It is valid from API point of view as any tags are just a pair of
strings (up to 256 characters). The OSM API is living freedom of
tagging, it does care how your keys and values look like except some
basic checks such as length of the strings.

> You can see this for yourself at:
> https://planet.openstreetmap.org/replication/minute/003/747/729.osc.gz
> Also more information on the layer key is over here:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:layer
> Not sure where to make the actual bug report, so I'm mailing the dev
> mailgroup, does anyone of you know where this issue should be posted so
> this issue won't present itself again in future replication files?

It is an Osm2pgsql bug which should check that valid integers are
written via PostgreSQL COPY into a integer column. The bug tracker is at

I cannot reproduce your bug. I tried the master branch (currently equal
to 1.2.0 release).

This does not lead to the bug you observed:
./osm2pgsql -d osm2pgsqldev \
--style ~/git/openstreetmap-carto/openstreetmap-carto.style \
--tag-transform ~/git/openstreetmap-carto/openstreetmap-carto.lua \
--cache 10 w742619958.osm

And even using C tag transform works:
./osm2pgsql -d osm2pgsqldev \
--style ~/git/openstreetmap-carto/openstreetmap-carto.style \
--cache 10 w742619958.osm

Using the Osm2pgsql style file (and C tag transforms) works as well:
./osm2pgsql -d osm2pgsqldev --style ../default.style --cache 10

The input file is (without personal metadata which does not change
anything here):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<osm version="0.6" generator="CGImap 0.7.5 (13835
thorn-02.openstreetmap.org)" copyright="OpenStreetMap and contributors"
 <node id="6952022612" visible="true" version="1"
timestamp="2019-11-06T15:32:03Z" lat="52.6139789" lon="6.6775740"/>
 <node id="6952022619" visible="true" version="1"
timestamp="2019-11-06T15:32:03Z" lat="52.6139788" lon="6.6774594"/>
 <way id="742619958" visible="true" version="1"
  <nd ref="6952022619"/>
  <nd ref="6952022612"/>
  <tag k="layer" v="-"/>
  <tag k="tunnel" v="culvert"/>
  <tag k="waterway" v="drain"/>

All three commands import the way into the database but the layer column
is empty as expected for the first and the second one.

How can your bug be reproduced?

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