Hi everyone,

The new version of the Switch2OSM.org <https://switch2osm.org/> website is
released. It is using Markdown for text formatting and Jekyll for building.
This means everything (texts, images and source code) is in one GitHub
repository: https://github.com/switch2osm/switch2osm.github.io

This makes it much easier to contribute — anybody can make a pull request
or create a ticket. You can already see a high number of contributions
since the new version appeared on GitHub.

If there is enough interest, localization and Transifex support a la
https://github.com/hotosm/learnosm can be added in a separate PR.

This is a gift from the MapTiler team to the OSM community as a thanks for
your amazing work. All our changes are Public Domain.

See the related PR at
https://github.com/switch2osm/switch2osm.github.io/pull/60 and the website
live at https://switch2osm.org/

Best regards,

Jiri from the MapTiler team



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