Thank you Pascal. This is can be more precise than just I looking at the 
visualisation [1].

But, for example, what is the “timestamp” in the “node" table? And what is the 
“redactions” table? Or, why in the “way_nodes” table there is “version", but 
also it is just a link to the “nodes” table that contains also the “version” 

For this reason, I was trying to look to an explanation of this schema if it 

Stucchi Lorenzo


Il giorno 4 gen 2020, alle ore 09:36, Pascal Neis 
<<>> ha scritto:

Maybe this is what you are searching for?

Am 04.01.20 um 09:21 schrieb Lorenzo Stucchi:
Hi Stefan,
Thank you for your links, but I was searching for more detailed information. I 
knew how OpenStreetMap works, and I'm contributing by years.
I know how the basic database schema works and for this reason I wrote here to 
understood if someone has more detailed explanation of all the table that I 
sent in the first mail. My idea was to explain this table, but some names are 
not so clear. The general description of the database in different paper is 
base on the response of the API, but this is not the real structure of the 
database, so, for this reason, I was searching for this more detailed 
Stucchi Lorenzo
Il giorno 3 gen 2020, alle ore 21:13, Stefan Keller <> ha 

Ciao Lorenzo

I assume you're interested in a software developers perspective.
For this I've found e.g. "An Introduction to OpenStreetMap" by Mele
Sax-Barnett 2014 [1].
This is a little outdated but seems to be a rather road online overview.
In order to be up-to-date replace following links there:
* ignore e.g.  -  and replace with
* Replace TileMill -  with
* Replace slide "The Future: Vector tiles"  - e.g. with

That's all incomplete and just scratching the surface.
So pls. read up first what OSM is and - before all - edit something in
OSM (e.g. building addresses or shops you know) in order to understand
how OSM works.



Am Fr., 3. Jan. 2020 um 16:36 Uhr schrieb Lorenzo Stucchi

Dear all,

For my master thesis, I will work with OpenStreetMap, and I would like to 
describe the database structure of OSM accurately.

I found at this page [1] an image that describes the schema of the database, 
but elements in the table are not described. Instead, I found in this page [2] 
a description of the Node element, but there are not all the elements present 
in the image [1].

Exist a page that describes all the database schema?

Thank you very much,
Stucchi Lorenzo

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