That project is using gradle. Import it as gradle project in IntelliJ / Eclipse.

On the terminal, type:
./gradlew runJosm



Am 3. Februar 2020 12:55:49 MEZ schrieb Vaibhav Bisht 
>hello, OSM-dev  community,
>            Vaibhav here, currently I want to work on the josm projects
>pt_assistant plugin but there is a problem I can't install it manually.
>tried the following link
>then when I tried to compile the build.xml file inside the pt_assistant
>directory it gave me this error   (BUILD FAILED
>/home/dev135/pt_assistant/build.xml:9: Cannot find
>/home/dev135/build-common.xml imported from
>If Any of you know how can I install the pt_assistant plugin then
>let me know? Because When I am opening the build.xml file inside my ant
>environment it's not showing any compile file like it was supposed to.
>I have forked it from the GitHub it from its repo here
>PS - Currently I am using the eclipse with the ant environment.
>Please help!
>Yours's truly
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