As part of investigating the possibility of developing a web-based version of 
Hikar, I've developed a simple (and with several flaws!) proof-of-concept 3D 
OSM application which overlays OSM highways on Terrarium DEM data using A-Frame 

It is only simple, for instance it doesn't show water, doesn't yet show models, 
and doesn't show rivers - and has some rendering artefacts in that OSM ways 
might disappear below ground level if they do not contain enough nodes.
Also it's restricted to Europe and Turkey, as these are the regions my database 

Anyway, I was wondering if there was any active development on open-source 3D 
OSM renderers with terrain? I'm aware that several years ago we had the OSM-3D 
project but development on this seems to have stopped, and many projects exist 
which do impressive rendering of buildings, but I can't find anything which 
aims to render terrain and countryside areas.

If not, I'm wondering if anyone wanted to collaborate on this and take it 
further? It's unlikely I will personally have the time to fully develop the 
demo into an impressive OSM VR app, but would be interested to hear if anyone 
is keen to work on it.

Demo at: https://hikar.org/aframe/

Repo: https://gitlab.com/nickw1/aframe-expts/


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