Hi everyone,

I've been running a script which consumes minutely diffs from Planet.osm. It's 
been operating without issue for a number of months. But, this past week it has 
failed twice for an issue where an element was deleted which was still being 
referenced by a relation. The first failure happened on April 7th, when 
relation 2261308 was deleted even though it was still a member of relation 
2261314. The second failure happened on April 12th, where relations 4424718, 
4424720, and 4424721 were deleted even though they were still members of 
relation 4424722.

Since I've only first run into this issue in the past week, I was wondering if 
there is a bug that was recently introduced which is allowing these elements to 
be deleted even though they are still referenced by a relation. Or, are 
relation references to deleted elements a normal scenario which my script 
should be capable of handling?

Thank you,
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