On Wednesday 29 July 2020, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
> >
> >   * The pgsql output now looks for lua script relative to the
> >
> >     |style.json| file.
> >
> >     This is a breaking change. Users might have to change the file
> >     names of
> >     their lua scripts in the style files.
> Does anyone know if changes need to be made to the OpenStreetMap
> Carto stylesheet or is it already compatible with this breaking
> change?

OSM-Carto has no style.json file, you specify the lua script directly at 
the command line - i think the quoted change applies to the multi/flex 
backends only, though the documentation is not very clear in the 
terminology used ('pgsql output' vs. 'pgsql backend').

Christoph Hormann

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