I have made significant progress in creating a tutorial for a fantasy map 
server on the wiki, having gone as far as getting Nominatim and its UI working 
last night.

Now, I am moving my focus to modding OpenStreetMap Carto, and I know a few very 
basic modifications, like recolouring existing features (see 
However, I would like to expand on mere recolouring and ask how I can modify 
OpenStreetMap Carto to:

1. Render “railway=rail” in a different colour when “highspeed=yes”.
2. Render “railway=station” in a different icon when the key “network” contains 
a certain value or a combination of certain values like (but not exclusively) 
“National Rail” or “TfL Rail”.

I am still new to OpenStreetMap Carto’s language: I assume that the developers 
use a text editor for all the rendering rules?


— ika-chan!
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