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Nov 16, 2020, 01:21 by jayands...@gmail.com:

> Oh wow. So Data Items basically is what I'm proposing. I also didn't know it 
> also had a role in the Wikibase Registry (probably wouldn't want to get rid 
> of that).
> I guess my only issues with the current system would be:
> 1. Lack of quality control (it said in the Wiki page for Data items that it 
> has not been implemented yet). Quality control should probably apply to the 
> corresponding Wiki pages themselves too.
Wiki pages are relatively well watched (warning: I am biased here,
as I am one of people quite active in that field).

Data items are not, as watchlisting them is dysfunctional (no way to skip
translations that given person cannot review, no way of grouping edits, 
standard edit
leave no description of edit and so on)

> 2. Lack of synchronization between the Data items and their Wiki pages.
This sort of works and is causing issues due to lack of control in Data Items

> 3. JOSM doesn't use Data items yet. 
I am dubious is it useful or going to happen, but it is up to JOSM developers

> 4. The MediaWiki interface is still hard for new users to grasp.
And note, that even if data items interface would be very easy - you still need
wiki pages for freeform description/comments

> 5. Layouts for Wiki pages aren't standardized. Something else my proposal 
> could address would be the conversion of Proposed Feature pages to actual 
> Wiki pages (would require a standardization) but honestly it is not the most 
> important thing.
> 6. Devs still have to manually add presets. One of my first issues on the iD 
> repo was actually concerning this (btw uneducated at how approved features 
> worked at the time): > https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues/7552>  
I am dubious whatever authors of editors would abandon maintaining presets and 
switch to
simply pulling from Data Items

Note that, for example, JOSM and iD are using icons in different styles.

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