Is there some existing code/library/tool for generating obvious
short_name / alt_name from other tagged data?

Specifically for shortened names, this list of common abbreviations
could help:

Thank you for the pointer. At least for German (and for French as far as
I can judge) please take it with a grain of salt:
- The by far fast common practices to shorten names are to resort to
KFZ-Kennzeichen (district codes), i.e. "K-Süd" is the short_name for
- In 95% of Germany (everywhere except Berlin), the abbreviaton of
"Bahnhof" is "Bf"
- the suffix "straße" resp. "Straße" is shortened to "str." resp.
"Str.", everything else is uncommon
- French street names are shortened by entirely removing the generic
parts, i.e. "Place Victor Hugo" has short_name "Victor Hugo"

I would not be surprised if the other languages have regional or
personal biases, too.


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