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> Sorry for the top-post and don't want to be a pest - ping?

You are not a pest at all Aaron.
I already thank you for driving this all the time since we started looking
at it about a year ago.

Just as of now I face the question if I have to maintain my delta to DPDK (
But now even worse than having to have a delta for such a long time it
seems we have to add openvswitch delta as well.
This is due to the EAL commandline no more being "reachable" via
"ovs-vswitchd [...] --dpdk [DPDK-EAL-OPTIONS]" by the (otherwise great)
changes to move dpdk configuration into ovsdb.
(BTW - If I missed that one can still insert arbitrary EAL command line
options via other_config please let me know).

So therefore a last try to jointly "pest-vote" for the ability to control
ownership/permission before OSV 2.6 release ...
... Ping ...

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