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> This patch provides the command line to create a load balancer.
> You can create a load balancer independently and add it to multiple
> switches or routers. A single load balancer can have multiple vips.
> Add a name column for the load balancer. With --add-duplicate,
> the command really creates a new load balancer with a duplicate name.
> This name has no special meaning or purpose other than to provide
> convenience for human interaction with the ovn-nb database.
> This patch also provides the unit tests and the documentation.
> Signed-off-by: nickcooper-zhangtonghao 
> <nickcooper-zhangtong...@opencloud.tech>
> You should run your ./configure with ---enable-Werror option and you will not 
> miss any warnings as they are treated as errors.
> For the case wherein the LB VIP is just a IP address, you should not 
> automatically give it a protocol.  The code does not look at protocol when 
> there are no L4 ports (as explained in ovn-nb documentation).  There are a 
> few lines in ovn-nbctl that exceed 78 characters. You can add the following 
> incremental to fix them (along with the compilation error). The incremental 
> does not fix the problem of automatic protocol allocation when no port is 
> given.

The 'ovn-nbctl lb-add’ will check the vip and ips. The protocol will be 
unnecessary when there are no L4 ports.
The ips should not contain port number if the vip does not contains a port 
number. each ip of ips should contain a
port number if the vip contains a port number. There are 16 characters for LB 
name. The v8 patch updates the test case.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the compilation error, ./configure —enable-Werror
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