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> At an early point in OVS development, OVS was built with fixed default
> directories for pidfiles and sockets.  This meant that it was necessary to
> use lots of --pidfile and --unixctl options in the testsuite, to point the
> daemons to where they should put these files (since the testsuite cannot
> and generally should not touch the real system /var/run).  Later on,
> the environment variables OVS_RUNDIR, OVS_LOGDIR, etc. were introduced
> to override these defaults, and even later the testsuite was changed to
> always set these variables correctly in every test.  Thus, these days it
> isn't usually necessary to specify a filename on --pidfile or to specify
> --unixctl at all.  However, many of the tests are built by cut-and-paste,
> so they tended to keep appearing anyhow.  This commit drops most of them,
> making the testsuite easier to read and understand.
> This commit also sweeps away some other historical detritus.  In
> particular, in early days of the testsuite there was no way to
> automatically kill daemons when a test failed (or otherwise ended).  This
> meant that some tests were littered with calls to "kill `cat pidfile`" on
> almost every line (or m4 macros that expanded to the same thing) so that if
> a test failed partway through the testsuite would not hang waiting for a
> daemon to die that was never going to die without manual intervention.
> However, a long time ago we introduced the "on_exit" mechanism that
> obsoletes this.  This commit eliminates a lot of the old litter of kill
> invocations, which also makes those tests easier to read.
> Signed-off-by: Ben Pfaff <b...@ovn.org>

Acked-by: Andy Zhou <az...@ovn.org>

Thanks for making those changes! One of the replication tests bothered me,
so I made similar changes to cleanup
that test. It did not occur to me that many tests had similar issues and
can be cleaned up as well, until I saw this patch.
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