Hi, Mark

I have reviewed your RFC patch, I found one place could have issue, see below:

+    if (v > ETHER_MAX_LEN) {
+        b->mbuf.data_len =
+            (uint16_t)(b->mbuf.buf_len - b->mbuf.data_off);
+    } else {
+        b->mbuf.data_len = (uint16_t)v;
+    }

Here, what will happen if v > ETHER_MAX_LEN but v < (b->mbuf.buf_len - b->mbuf.data_off) ?

The driver will be get wrong data lenth in my option.

probably, below is right :
if (v > (b->mbuf.buf_len - b->mbuf.data_off))
    b->mbuf.data_len = (uint16_t)(b->mbuf.buf_len - b->mbuf.data_off);


在 2016/10/11 22:34, Kavanagh, Mark B 写道:
Hi,  all

This patch is very important for users want to improve the performance
of the large packets.

But you know, in data center, lots of networks using vxlan, so if it
supports vxlan, then it will be very useful.

Would you guys has a plan to support it? I would like to help test it,
or work together on it?
Hi Michael,

Some work has already been done to enable TSO over VxLAN, but it was blocked 
until recently, on account of gaps in the DPKD i40e PMD's support for tunnel 

We believe that those gaps have now been addressed; our current focus is on 
ironing out the issues in TSO support over flat and VLAN networks - once that's 
done, we plan to resume work on VxLAN support (and GRE, IPinIP).

Hope this helps,



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