On 2016-10-12 20:20, Russell Bryant wrote:
On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 12:30 PM, Stephen Finucane <step...@that.guru>

I'm going to dripfeed the conversion patches to avoid overloading
peoples (there are ~25 of them so far). This is the first batch.

Stephen Finucane (9):
dist-docs: Add support for rST
doc: Convert INSTALL to rST
doc: Convert INSTALL.DPDK to rST
doc: Convert INSTALL.Debian to rST
doc: Convert INSTALL.Docker to rST
doc: Convert INSTALL.Windows to rST
doc: Convert INSTALL.userspace to rST
doc: Convert INSTALL.XenServer to rST
doc: Convert INSTALL.KVM to rST

Do you have the end result published anywhere?  It would be nice to
see the before and after before diving into the detailed reviews.

I visually inspected them myself but I haven't published them anywhere. You can run 'make dist-docs' and visually compare the resulting HTML files to what's on openvswitch.org (remembering that the reStructuredText versions should actually be more complete due to latent bugs in the Markdown versions). I could find somewhere to publish them if it would help but I don't know if it's really necessary :)

To be honest though, I don't know how detailed we need to be right now. IMO if the functional aspects of these patches work (i.e. the 'dist-docs' target generates sane HTML for all rST files) and we haven't lost any of the raw information then any stylistic issues I may have introduced can be fixed in follow up patches. Most of these docs are going to get shuffled around or rewritten when we start moving to sphinx anyway, so we'll have the chance to really review the content itself then.

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