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    On Friday 14 October 2016 04:00 AM, Andy Zhou wrote:

    Done. Now it shows the following.

        [root@h2 ovs]# crm configure show

        node1: h1 \


        node2: h2

        primitiveClusterIP IPaddr2 \


        opstart interval=0stimeout=20s\

        opstop interval=0stimeout=20s\

        opmonitor interval=30s

        primitiveovndb ocf:ovn:ovndb-servers \

        opstart interval=0stimeout=30s\

        opstop interval=0stimeout=20s\

        oppromote interval=0stimeout=50s\

        opdemote interval=0stimeout=50s\

        opmonitor interval=1min\


        msovndb-master ovndb\


        colocationcolocation-ovndb-master-ClusterIP-INFINITY inf:
        ovndb-master:Started ClusterIP:Master

        orderorder-ClusterIP-ovndb-master-mandatory inf:
        ClusterIP:start ovndb-master:start

        propertycib-bootstrap-options: \






        propertyovn_ovsdb_master_server: \

    My installation does not have ocf-tester,  There is a program
    called ocft with a test option. Not sure if this is a suitable
    replacement. If not, how could I get
    the ocf-tester program? I ran the ocft program and get the
    following output. Not sure what it means.

     [root@h2 ovs]# ocft test -n test-ovndb -o master_ip

    ERROR: cases directory not found.

    I have attached ocf-tester with this mail. I guess it's a
    standalone script. If it does not work, I think it's better not to
    attempt anymore as we have another way to find out.

        Alternately, you can check if the ovsdb servers are started
        properly by running

        --db-sb-sync-from= --db-nb-sync-from= start_ovsdb

    The output are as follows. Should we use --db-sb-sync-from-addr
     [root@h2 ovs]# /usr/share/openvswitch/scripts/ovn-ctl
    --db-sb-sync-from= --db-nb-sync-from= start_ovsdb

    /usr/share/openvswitch/scripts/ovn-ctl: unknown option
    "--db-sb-sync-from=" (use --help for help)

    /usr/share/openvswitch/scripts/ovn-ctl: unknown option
    "--db-nb-sync-from=" (use --help for help)

    'ovn-ctl' runs without any error message after I fixed the
    command line parameter.

    I am sorry for the misinformation, Andy. What you ran is correct.
    Could you check the status of the ovsdb servers in h2 after you
    run the above command using the following commands.

    ovn-ctl status_ovnnb
    ovn-ctl status_ovnsb

    Both the above commands should return "running/backup". If you see
    in the OCF script in the function ovsdb_server_start(), we wait
    indefinitely till  the DB servers are started. Since the 'start'
    action on h2 times out, I doubt that the servers are not started

O.K. I was able to get both server up.  Mostly by try-and-error.

        [root@h2 openvswitch]# crm status

        Last updated: Fri Oct 14 09:34:50 2016Last change: Thu Oct 13
        11:17:25 2016 by root via cibadmin on h2

        Stack: corosync

        Current DC: h1 (version 1.1.13-10.el7_2.4-44eb2dd) -
        partition with quorum

        2 nodes and 3 resources configured

        *Online*: [ h1 h2 ]

        Full list of resources:


        *Master*/*Slave*Set: ovndb-*master*[ovndb]

        *Master*s: [ h1 ]

        *Slave*s: [ h2 ]

At this point, I think the scripts can work and will probably work for the integration task you had in mind. However, when it does not work, debugging it may not be tribal. Not sure if this is a show stopper. I also don't know pacemaker well enough to compare OVN with other HA components.

From this email thread, It should be clear the patch set can use more documentation, 1) Enhance ovn-ctl man page 2) Add an integration guide on integration with pacemaker, or add an 'HA' section in the IntegrationGuide.md. 3) consider adding logs in case of error to help trouble shooting, I don't have specific suggestions

Would you please make those changes and post a V2? Thanks.

I agree Andy. I will post a V2 soon.

Thank you,
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