I am working on a custom ArtifactStore implementation. While
implementing the support for attachments it appears there is api to
add and read but no api to delete an attachment.

This works fine for current CouchDB store as attachment lifecycle is
tied to document to which the attachment is being attached i.e. if
that document is deleted then all attached documents are also removed.

However for setups where the attachments are stored in a separate
Blob/Object storage it needs to be explicitly handled.

Proposal A - Explicit delete call

Add a new api for deleting attachment

ArtifactStore#deleteAttachment(doc: DocInfo, name: String)

This api is invoked in addition to ArtifactStore#del say in
WriteOps#deleteEntity and thus ensure that any related attachments are
also removed when the owning entity is removed

Proposal B - Implicit delete

Most Blob storage services allow querying and deleting by prefix in
blob id. So while storing the attachment the BlobId can be set to
doc.id + "/" + attachmentName

And when any entity is deleted then the ArtifactStore can make a call
to delete all blobs where blobId starts with doc.id

Doing it for every delete may add overhead as only action types are
making use of attachments currently. So here ArtifactStore may need to
"interpret" the entityType of the document being deleted and see if
its action then also make a delete call for attachment

Any suggestion on which approach to take here? Proposal #B requires no
change in OpenWhisk and can be done in custom implementation

Chetan Mehrotra

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