Continuing on my earlier post about the native function interface, and 
following up on the latest changes as suggest by Vadim, i wanted to also point 
out that the /init protocol today is synchronous, whereas to do validation on 
the binary or to exec a new process, it’s worth considering an asynchronous 

So one thought is to augment the protocol to allow /init to initiate the new 
binary (load it, exec it) and a /ready to poll which waits for a response. This 
bring you closer to the original prototype where you exec’ed the binary.

It also makes for a consistent protocol for a native Functions with their own 
builtin proxy (go, swift, rust, and also has less copying of data at runtime), 
and later can be adapted for a native function like a bash script which needs a 
proxy to relay payloads and results. 
The /init equivalent for the latter is starting the script, and /ready is 
waiting for {openwhisk: 1}.


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