I have signed off the OpenWhisk report at
https://wiki.apache.org/incubator/March2018, with one somewhat
significant change:


"Increase additional company and individual Contributors to maintain
all project repos"


"Increase contributions to maintain all project repos"

There are no company contributions of code in Apache projects, except
for code donations - from the ASF's point of view it's only
individuals who contribute. They might be funded by their employers to
do that, and that's fantastic, but the distinction is important in
terms of Apache's (fierce) independence from companies and
organizations. The ASF's 2018 vision statement [1] helps explain these

Apart from that the report is great, quite extensive! It would be fine
to have just a summary of the technical progress, as the Incubator is
mostly interested in community and release topics. But it's great to
have those summaries for the OpenWhisk community, so thanks!



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