2019-08-14 15:16:00 UTC - Paul Yu: Hello, all ! Glad to join the slack. I have 
some trouble:
After I set up OpenWhisk environment with 
<https://gist.github.com/epiphone/8fe223bbfc375d01f12822e405f6aa54>, I verify 
the function of `wsk`.
I ran,
    # wsk action create fib fib.py --web true
    # wsk -i api create /default /fib get fib
I got these,
    ok: created API /default/fib GET for action /_/fib
The Web API IP ( is an  internal IP of network-card docker0. I can 
only visit or call it from localhost. I can't visit it from other hosts. So I 
want to ask that if we can get a public network IP of Web API, by modifying 
some config ? And what config should I modify ? Thanks a lot.

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