Hi all, sorry if this is a n00b question or has been answered, I
looked in the mailing list archives and could find anything.

I'm trying to bring Apache ORC into Apache NiFi as basically a
third-party library, to support a processor that writes data as ORC. A
version of this processor already exists, but it uses Hive 1.2.1 which
has hive-orc. Now that Apache ORC is its own project, and we're
upgrading the Hive processors in NiFi to Hive 2.x (and 3.x), I'd like
to add a version of the processor that uses the current version of
Apache ORC (for Java).

However, when I bring in org.apache.orc:orc:1.4.3 as a Maven
dependency, it is trying to find a JAR with those coordinates, when it
is only published as a POM (even when I set the type of artifact as
"pom"). If instead I bring in orc-core, I don't have access to
orc-proto, etc.

What's the approach for bringing in all the necessary dependencies to
be able to use (including subclassing) ORC classes?

Thanks in advance,

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