There are four PRs, each dependent on its predecessor. Please review in
this order:

1) #94 in parquet-format: Thrift additions (crypto structures)

2) #95 in parquet-format: encryption/decryption of footer, headers and
column metadata - via cipher interfaces

3) #471 in parquet-mr: crypto package: implementation of cipher interfaces,
AES-* algorithms, configuration and API of Parquet encryption

4) #472 in parquet-mr: utilization of crypto package in existing Parquet
classes for encryption/decryption of pages, and passing an encryptor object
to ParquetWriter/Reader.

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 7:50 PM, Julien Le Dem <>

>  QingHui (Criteo): parquet-protobuf
> Lars (impala), Jim (Cloudera): Bloom filter benchmarks
> Ryan (Netflix):
> JunJie (Intel): Bloomfilter and dictionary comparison benchmarks
> Gidon (IBM): Encryption, feedback
> Xinli Shang (Uber): Encryption
> Bloomfilter and dictionary comparison benchmarks:
>    - PARQUET-41
>    - Feedback to find the number of distinct values for which bloom filter
>    outperforms filter based search
>    - Action: JunJie to share code and update benchmark
> Encryption:
>    - Progress on multi-key design: need review
>    - Need review on PR as well
>    - Discussion on how to pass parameters down to Parquet to specify what
>    to encrypt
>    - Action: Gidon to share PR again and others to review.

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