Am 10.04.2018 um 07:30 schrieb Maruan Sahyoun:

two smaller changes you might wan‘t to do

we are planning to release 1.8 ... to support users who are still on Java 1.6 
instead of maybe ...
Of course, now that some of you already approved to cut a 1.8.x release ;-)

  don‘t mention me individually for the website it‘s all a teams effort - we 
are improving ...

+1 regardless
Thanks for the feedback



Am 09.04.2018 um 17:52 schrieb Andreas Lehmkuehler <>:


find attached a quick draft of the board report we're expected to submit this
month. It's based upon the report template which can be found at [1]

Any further comments, objections or additions?


## Description:
- the Apache PDFBox library is an open source Java tool for working with PDF

## Issues:
- there are no issue requiring board attention at this time.

## Activity:
- we released the first Apache based version of the JBig2 ImageIO plugin last 
- we are working on fixing bugs and adding smaller improvements to 2.0.x
- we have already resolved quite a number of 2.0.x releated tickets so that 
most likely the next bugfix version 2.0.10 will be released soon
- maybe we are going to release a bugfix version of 1.8.x as well
- Maruan works on improving our website

## Health report:
- there is a steady stream of contributions, bug reports and questions on the
   mailing lists
- we are pleased to see that the amount of patches compared to other 
contributions is growing. So more and more people are not just using PDFBox but 
dig deeper into it

## PMC changes:

- Currently 21 PMC members.
- No new PMC members added in the last 3 months
- Last PMC addition was Matthäus Mayer on Mon Oct 16 2017

## Committer base changes:

- Currently 21 committers.
- No new committers added in the last 3 months
- Last committer addition was Joerg O. Henne at Mon Oct 09 2017

## Releases:

- 2.0.9 was released on Fri Mar 23 2018
- 3.0.0 JBIG2 was released on Tue Feb 27 2018




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