We are pleased to announce the release of mod_perl 2.0.10.

mod_perl is an Apache HTTP Server module for embedding a Perl
interpreter in your web server, giving you super-fast dynamic content
by avoiding the overhead of starting an external interpreter.

This release is now, or soon will be, available for download from a
mirror site near you via:


or in the meantime directly from:


Checksums for this release are:

MD5  = cef55e715b5770a63b3becbe9d271121
SHA1 = 61b5b0fe4449440258ad45dee6efa0e2264a9701

Major changes in this release are as follows:

Add support for Perl 5.22.x. [Niko Tyni <nt...@iki.fi>, Steve Hay]

Fix non-threaded Perl 5.22.x build and tests. [Klaus S. Madsen

Automatically select the appropriate c89 option when modperl is being
built with either gcc 5 or clang. [Klaus S. Madsen <k...@jobindex.dk>]

Declare MP_vtbl_env and MP_vtbl_envelem as 'extern' to fix linker
errors on OSX/Darwin. [Michael Schout <msch...@gkg.net>]

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